Friday, February 6, 2009


The Torrent download process:-

Torrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used to distribute large amounts of data.

Step by step process

• Find a torrent program that will suit your needs,There are many programs available utorrent,bittorrent etc..,(for downloading utorrent go to )
Direct download: DOWNLOAD utorrent

• Download the torrent program and install it on your computer.

• After installing the software(i.e torrent program assume it as utorrent).Go to Sites which provides torrent files to download softwares,movies songs etc.,The famous torrent sites are , and many more u can search it in Google. : this site will provide you to search torrent from various famous torrent sites.

• When looking for torrent files, try to find torrent with plenty of Seeders. you can often sort the results by seeds simply by clicking on the seeds column in header.

• Once you have found the desired file on the torrent site, click the "Download This Torrent" and save it on your hard drive. These .torrent files vary from 15kb to 150kb file size.

• If the torrent program is installed in your computer it will automatically detect that this is a torrent file. Just double click the downloaded .torrent file and choose where to save, it will automatically start downloading or try by opening your torrent program and add torrent by pressing cltr+o. You may now go and do something to pass the time, because torrents do not require your attention and will download in the background.

• To start and stop torrent download open torrent program which runs in background from icons on left side of ur system clock(system tray).Right click on the desired torrent file and perform start stop or remove operations.


• When you are downloading data through torrents(p2p) install a good antivirus which protect p2p downloads.

• You can download avast antivirus home edition(free) which gives sheild to ur p2p downloads. (
Direct Download: avast antivirus

WARNING: Check your local laws to find out that file sharing is allowed in your country and by your ISP (internet service provider) providers.


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Those are really useful information especially for torrent newbie. Torrents are very revolutionary way to download files. It's fast, easy and reliable compare to traditional HTTP direct download.

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