Tuesday, October 25, 2011


How to Use 3g Services in Samsung Wave 525 S5253

Things Needed:
1.Samsung wave 525 Handset (Duh!) Cheesy Cheesy
2.A 3g SIM Card

1.Open up your Phone Keypad,And type: *#5239870*#
2.Select: Network Settings.
Then,Select: Network Mode
3.Now here You should know in which frequency does your 3G SIM Card Provides you 3G Services.For eg. Airtel India uses UMTS Only.
4.Done! Now enjoy 3G data services like other wave users do


Open Keypad then type *#7092463*#

Then enter respectively4 (Module settings),

1 (Common) and

(test mode) submenu,

and select Test After this selection save settings. To the left of the upper beam you should see two icons - 3G (if you're within range of third-generation networks) and R (roaming). YOu can disable the roaming icon from settings -> applications-> connectivity

After completing these steps, Samsung Wave 533 and Wave 525 should allow you to browse the Internet with several times greater speed than is standard. If you would like to disable this feature - do the same, except that at the end uncheck the hook - save the changed settings and restart the phone.

Unfortunately, does not know whether the changing these settings,is there any negative impact on the other phone functions, and therefore interested people can do it at your own risk - counting the possible problems in the following.

But you cannot make call or receive calls. In order to make calls and receive calls disable 3G settings in the same way.


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