Friday, December 30, 2011


TopTop is a feature rich pedometer, which will count your steps as you walk and run. It can also count average speed, distance walked and calories burned based on the physical data you enter.  You will be able to review the results of your workouts later using our Track Manager. If you decided to take a break, TopTop can automatically save your track after preconfigured inactivity period. Are your steps being counted incorrectly? Run the built-in automatic calibration tool. You also choose between Walk and Run modes, turn GPS on and off, and customize the display of measured data with just one touch of your finger.

To add some fun, you can compare the total distance walked to the distance between some major Ukrainian cities on the “Total” screen of the Track Manager.

This application uses built-in accelerometer sensor to track steps. When GPS data is available, TopTop will automatically adjust the distance you walked.

TopTop is available in English, Russian and Ukrainian, based on your regional settings.


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