Thursday, December 22, 2011

SMOVE - Wave 1.1

sMOVE combines the possibility of tracking sports activities with using waypoints, maps and a compass in one extensive, elegant, smart and user friendly app. sMOVE features live tracking via NAVTEQ® maps, has a live speed and a live altitude graph.
The data can be stored as GPX file, so that you can use the recorded data in third party software (e.g. Google Earth or SportTracks).
With its included Diary you can check former tracks on the map or check your results. sMOVE features also a GPS-Compass and Waypoint Mode for cross country or navigation to a certain destination. Moreover it calculates your BMI.
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Anonymous said...

Hi can you provide the latest of sMOVE.. THis version is 1.2 whereas the latest is 1.4.* ...
THx in Advance...

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