Saturday, December 10, 2011

Now change the icon of installed apps as per your desire.

In samsung wave bada os, the theme does not change the icon for the installed apps which are installed from samsungapps store or spoofed apps. But it is possible now. Not with theme but manually.
  • Connect your phone in mass storage
  • Open your memory card drive
  • Open Others Folder
  • Open _@bada applications@_ Folder
  • Open the folder of the app for which you want to change the icon
In that folder Open RES Folder You will find images in PNG format.
Of all those images there is a PNG image in the shape of square (i.e., the size is similar to icon)
If still you can't find the icon image, note the image before connecting to system.
Now open RES Folder and change the image with that of your image.
Remember the image should be of PNG format and the name of the image should be similar to that of the icon image present RES folder.
The size does not matter, but it should be nearer to a square dimensions
After changing, disconnect phone and open phone MENU.
You will see the icon changed. It has no effect on APP performance.
For better look make the size of the image to 52x52 pixels or 52x48 or 52x46 etc, or 72X72 ..........
Size can be changed by using Microsoft Picture Manager

This worked in BADA OS 1.1. Not sure about 1.2 and 2.0


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