Sunday, December 18, 2011


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To join this two files you need to have hjsplit.exe
Open hjsplit.exe, click on join.
Browse for (remember and should be in same folder)
Click on start/begin button.

After completing it shows a small windows as completed/done.
Now go to the folder where the files and are present, you will find a new file You can use it in Ndrive 11 and 10 both. 
This file is working in both Ndrive 10 and 11.

The main reason for india maps not working is that- the map should be used in version 10 and that map should be used in version 11. If this is not followed you will never be able to unlock any country map.

For this you don't need to download Ndrive 10. You can directly use in Ndrive 11. Do not update ndrive after placing this map. All the steps are similar to previous steps, just use this map.


Anonymous said...

This means that u have used this map in your ndrive 10 and now posted it for us to use it with our 11 version...

Gladiator said...

yes. but do not update ndrive 11 after pasting this map in your phone

Anonymous said...

Oh no! this still doesn't unlocks it!
when i click check,t says map may be damaged and it doesen't shows it!!!!

Anonymous said...

same is the case with me help

Anonymous said...

Hello any updates for India map unlocked?

Anonymous said...

works perfectly with cracked android ndrive app available on net (file named ndrive-xxxxx-androbooster.apk it will not work with ndrive 10 that came preinstalled with LG O'One - P500), though if I check the file ndrive shows, map file may be damaged.

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