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Ndrive 11 with complete steps

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First Method- Ndrive from appstore of other countries
1. Open your internet browser(Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer,etc) and open
2. Select country like -> Iran, Saudi Arabia (Gulf countries especially), Spain/Espana
3. Click on browse samsungapps.
4. Select your phone model to wave 525
5. Now search for Ndrive Navi and click on get button (blue color button)
6. Window opens with dots running in the browser and kies start with the appstore to that country along with that app page
7. Now click on get button again in kies appstore. The system asks for login id. Clcik on Join Now button.
8. Make a new login id for that country and login into the account.
9. Sometimes it redirects to the Ndrive app page, sometimes it dont. If it does not redirect again follow the step 1,2,3,4.
10. After loging in and getting the app page in kies appstore, download the app. Near to 63MB.
11. After downloading connect your phone to kies.
12. Some countries will read our phone and some don't. For me Iran read my phone, where as Saudi Arabia read is not comaptible/ with some other error.
13. If it shows the error, then you need to install Ndrive 11 using applist method. 

Second Method - Ndrive using applist method
1. Download the Ndrive 11 spoof app(zip format)
2. Open Kies and select your default country and login in to that country.
3. Open applist and select the second tab and click on browse button which is in some other language.
4. A small pop-up window appears to browse the app. Select the downloaded file.
5. Now connect your phone with kies in samsung kies mode.
6. After connecting, in kies appstore and search for bIrc or Free Edit apps and download them.
7. Now go to my downloads page in kies appstore and Select any one of the two apps and install.
8. If the installation fails try the other. While installing check the applist, there you should find something written in other language, but not this -> Cannot install, app/file is already in use.
9. "Cannot install, app/file is already in use" then close applist disconnect phone and follow the steps 3,4,5,7
10. After this also if it fails there is definetly problem with phone/ or the app is corrupted.
11. If these two methods FIRST AND SECOND fails the you cannot install Ndrive in your phone.

If the App is installed-
Activating NDrive 11.

1. After installing Ndrive 11 dont start it yet. Connect your phone to your PC/Laptop in “mass Storage mode”.
2. Go to memory card and copy the  files mentioned below.
        navigation.chc     navigation.lic          navigation.oe
(The above files are present in Ndrive11 crack.)
3. Paste them

4. Now disconnect you phone from pc and Run Ndrive 11 once and download all the updates it prompts for.
5. After update, change your Ndrive applications language in to english. Change it by going in the below mention options.
Path : Menu>>My Ndrive(Second line first option)
                  >>Settings(FIrst line Second Option)
                  >>international(Second option)
                  >>Language(First option which is button)
6. After changing language to English Exit Ndrive 11 and again connect your phone in “mass storage mode” with your Pc/laptop.
7. copy these files (these files are present in Ndrive11 crack)
       ndri3.ndr        navigation.lic
8. Paste them into

9. Copy the map of your country and paste it here

10.Disconnect phone form PC. Start Ndrive 11 and select the your country Map by going to the below option in your Ndrive application. Path :
>>My Ndrive
>>my Maps
>>Check INDP map

11. You are done. Now you can enjoy using Ndrive.

1.    Open kies and in samsungapp, select the country as Spanish/España.
       After selecting create a new id for this country.
       Now in the category, select Navigation/Navegación
       In Navegación, see the free apps.
      There you will find the the APP - NDrive España WQ
      Click on the button - Descargar gratis (Get)
      After downloading the app, then again select the country to your default country.

These steps are to be done very fast
    Now connect your  wave mobile.
    As soon as you connect your mobile, immediately login with the id of your country.
    Then go to your download button, where you will find Ndrive. Do it very quickly.
    If you dont find Ndrive app, you should reconnect your phone and relogin and go to download page.
    Now click on install button. The app gets installed.
    Now install Ndrive11 using applist method stated above as "Second Method"
 After installing Ndrive11, connect your phone to system as mass storage and copy these files from H:Other -> _@bada application@_ ->\ a52ddl4e66 \ Data \
         navigation.chc    navigation.lic    navigation.oe
and from H:Others\__@@bada_applications@@__\a52ddl4e66 \Data\NDrive\data\
paste them in your computer.

Now paste the below three files
    navigation.chc    navigation.lic    navigation.oe
in to the folder   H:Other -> _@bada application@_ ->\ pbe461664n\ Data \

Now disconnect your phone and open Ndrive11 and start the download/ upload process if the application asks you to do. Again connect your phone to computer as mass storage and copy the files
    navigation.lic    ndri3.ndr

from your computer in to the path
H:Other -> _@bada application@_ ->\ pbe461664n\ Data \NDrive\data\

Copy the downloaded map to the directory
H:Other -> _@bada application@_ ->\ pbe461664n\ Data \NDrive\map\

Thats it should. If this do not unlock your map then there is no other way.


Anonymous said...

This File is Not Present in the Archive file provided...

Is it the same file as in the post?

Gladiator said...

Download from here it contains all files

Anonymous said...

Thx will give it a try...

Anonymous said...

Dude... Navi installed via Iran store but maps.. heck they are not getting activated.. M trying to activate NT india map but no.. it wont activate...

Sry for reposting here

Gladiator said...

did u download the crack folder. It is updated with all the files and are corrected.

ndri3.ndr is the main file which is to be replaced from the crack folder in to the app folder along with navigation.lic

Anonymous said...

Did it.. But Still it does not get ACtivated..

This is what I did.. Correct Me if M wrong..

1: Installed Samsung Navi Iran aka NDrive 11 via Samsung Kies...
2: Copied lic oe and chc file to p*/Data/ Folder
3: Updated NDrive ( Update Both Time which I tried got disconnected due to network issue and in coming call, so I had to start update again )
ON start of NDrive Changed language n exited.
4: Copied lic and ndr file to p*/Data/NDrive/data folder..
5: Copied Map File To p*/Data/NDrive/maps folder.
6: Started Ndrive went to about to change map but map is Locked...

M going mad now... have no wifi around and my gprs is quite costly.. Thx a lot for your help n efforts u put in for getting it done...

If you could spot anything that m goin wrong do reply else let it b... my luck is bad...

Anonymous said...

Download steps with screen shots from this link

IF possible i will see the other INDIA MAP ""
This maps works on NDrive11

Anonymous said...

Which map works are you sayin?? TA or NT??

Anonymous said...

nt map works on ndrive 11

Anonymous said...

Wooww!! Working for all but not me.. what evil deed did I do...!!

Anonymous said...

INDIA NT MAP link (400 MB)

Anonymous said...

link of Ndrive 11 Crack is blocked! Can you give another one?

Anonymous said...

Ndrive 11 Crack link is needed,it is blocked...

Anonymous said...

pls update link of crack

Anonymous said...

sent mail crack.. file if anyone has it..

Anonymous said...

please fix the crack link!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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