Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ndrive 11 for all countries

First download Ndrive 10 in your wave (bada os). Click below for how to download.

After installing and performing all the steps present in above page, open ndrive 10 in your phone and close it.Now download Ndrive 11 from the link

After installing Ndrive11, connect your phone to system as mass storage and copy these files
H:Other -> _@bada application@_ ->\ a52ddl4e66 \ Data \
  1. navigation.chc
  2. navigation.lic
  3. navigation.oe
H:Others\__@@bada_applications@@__\a52ddl4e66 \Data\NDrive\data\
  1. ndri3.ndr
 and paste them in your computer.Now paste the below three files
  1. navigation.chc
  2. navigation.lic
  3. navigation.oe
in to the folder   H:Other -> _@bada application@_ ->\ pbe461664n\ Data \

Now disconnect your phone and open Ndrive11 and start the download/ upload process if the application asks you to do. Again connect your phone to computer as mass storage and copy the files 
  1. navigation.lic
  2. ndri3.ndr
from your computer in to the path
H:Other -> _@bada application@_ ->\ pbe461664n\ Data \NDrive\data\

Copy the downloaded map to the directory
H:Other -> _@bada application@_ ->\ pbe461664n\ Data \NDrive\map\

You are done. Disconnect your phone and enjoy Ndrive 11 for your own country. This works for all wave family.


Rj said...

It Didnt worked It continues to show navigation for iraq..

Anonymous said...

philippines is not available on the map..

Gladiator said...

u need to change the filen

in this H:Other -> _@bada application@_ ->\ pbe461664n\ Data \NDrive\data\

for india map

Gladiator said...

i dont have any link for philipines map

Anonymous said...

please tell me that if it work in pakistan?

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