Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ndrive 10 for Wave 1.1

     Download license file and map links from ->

  1. Open kies and in samsungapp, select the country as Spanish/España.
  2. After selecting create a new id for this country.
  3. Now in the category, select Navigation/Navegación
  4. In Navegación, see the free apps.
  5. There you will find the the APP - NDrive España WQ 
  6. Click on the button - Descargar gratis (Get)
  7. After downloading the app, then again select the country to your default country. 

These steps are to be done very fast
  • Now connect your  wave mobile.
  • As soon as you connect your mobile, immediately login with the id of your country.
  • Then go to your download button, where you will find Ndrive. Do it very quickly.
  • If you dont find Ndrive app, you should reconnect your phone and relogin and go to download page.
  • Now click on install button. The app gets installed.

After installing the app follow these steps.-
Connect your phone in mass storage format.
Go to other folders of memory card.
this is the path of the folders to be followed 
Other -> _@bada application@_ ->\ a52ddl4e66 \ Data \
After that copy the files
  1. navigation.chc
  2. navigation.lic
  3. navigation.oe
in the above folder. Now download the map for your country and place it in the directory
Other -> _@bada application@_ ->\ a52ddl4e66 \ Data \Ndrive\maps\

That's it. You are done . 


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