Thursday, December 22, 2011

IUREADER v 1.10.17 - Wave 1.1

The iuReader is program to read .txt or .fb2 files on phone which provides following features:
- FB2 e-book format support
- extraction form zip-archives
- unicode and UTF-8 character encodings are supported.
- 8-bit national encodings like Windows 1251 are supported
- two modes: "general" and "night" with separate color schemes
- Recent list for 9  last files
- Bookmarks
- Automatic hyphenation for cyrillic and latin code pages
- Font typeface selection, user's ttf file can be loaded from a memory card
- big files support (for txt files theoretical limit is 2 GB)
- autoscroll text feature with speed adjustment allows to read books without any touches
- touch screen support (see built-in help)
- custom touch screen zones
- hardware keys support: up/down keys to turn over the pages, the half-pressed focus button toggles autoscroll pause
- orientation lock

IUREADER v 1.10.17              DOWNLOAD


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