Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tips for BADA WAVE 525

"power on attach"
open your keypad and type: *#4777*8665#
then you can uncheck the "power on attach" option to deactivate EDGE/GPRS by default and let it activate on demand. So the blue E icon in the upper left corner goes out and you're saving a lot of battery power.
If you (for example) open a browser and goes to the internet, the icon comes back and connects you without any other action to the EDGE/GPRS network. If you then close that browser window and wait a few seconds, the E icon goes out again by itself.

just type *#0*# and see secret menu.

Battery status
*#0228# it Shows Battery status
Then Press # from screen 6 times it shows U Main secret Menu.

More Alphabets and Style.
just long press the keys on the key pad then you'll b able to type the other characters and alphabets with different style.
long press EN button to change keyboard settings. like Qwerty Keyboard

Call Recorder
While making a call press and hold the lock button. Few buttons appear. Click on the button with three dots located at the bottom of the screen and select record voice.


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