Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Smart Protect for samsung wave 1.1

Smart Protect can hide all your private files in its secured area and prevents the phone/PC/any multimedia device from viewing/opening your private files.

Features……Dual Protection (File Hiding + File Locking)
1.     Phone Level Protection (PLP) – File Hiding
2.    Worldwide Protection (WwP) – File Hiding + File Locking (Files are locked using system generated random Password)
..User Password is Encrypted and stored in a secured area
..In bada 1.1 - Protect any type of DEVICE SUPPORTED files (system / opened / read only files are not supported). Device supported files are the files that can be opened/viewed/played in device using factory installed applications. For example, all the audio/ image/ video/word/excel etc. that can be opened in the device.

..Play/view image/audio/video files directly from the secured area (only in PLP). In WwP, files cannot be opened.

..Send files via Bluetooth (in PLP and WwP) or email (Only in PLP)
..Fast and animated UI.

Notes: if you uninstall the application, the protected files will be removed.

Smart Protect                    Download


Anonymous said...

This is also good ..... allows to save audio video images PPT PDF Word Excel files etc

private browser is also included

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