Thursday, November 3, 2011

6 Tips - Boost Iphone 4s Battery

1. Set time zones manually:
->head to Settings
->Location Services
->System Services (which is located all the way at the bottom)
->Setting Time Zone.
Note that this setting isn't in the Date & Time section, which makes it tough for people to find

2. Disable location services when not needed. You can also disable all Location Services, which is a good rule in general for conserving battery life, but you'll need to re-enable it for GPS navigation and other tasks as necessary.

3. Disable as many notifications as possible:
->head to Settings
->Notifications, tap a given category (Phone, Messages, Reminders) or
    app (Walgreens, Zillow, and so on),
    and toggle Notification Center at the top to Off.
Note that you can change the way they appear; you can return a given notification to an alert window in the center of the screen, the way it used to be, instead of with the new bar on top.

4. Check for e-mail manually. The same goes for Facebook and Twitter updates.

5. Check for software updates instead of using a USB cable and syncing with iTunes.
->Head to Settings
->Software Update.
 Apple recently sent iOS 5.0.1 to developers updates include bug fixes for battery life, among other things

6. Reducing screen brightness, disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth


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