Thursday, October 27, 2011

Picsel Smart Office for Samsung Wave 525

Download the app from here Picsel Smart Office

Method for installing --
First open the application applist. Applist contains two files
a) exe file Download Link
b) cfg file. Download Link

After downloading all files, open applist. Remember to keep cfg and exe files in same folder.

Do not extract Smart Office.
After opening applist, select the second tab present on the upper side of the app. and click browse and select the smart office file

After adding u get this window

Now open samsung kies and connect your phone in samsung kies mode.
Now Download any free app from samsungapps from kies.
Nothing to do on applist. AFter installation is complete, just disconnect the phone and check your phone for the app.

feel free to comment. your queries will be answered ASAP.


Anonymous said...

doesnt work for me.
i cant install any app if Applist is already ON.

if i close applist, i can install apps.

Gladiator said...

this only works on bada 1.1
Moreover if you have the app already installed in your phone, then the trick fails. So try this only by using a free app which is not present in your phone.

if this is not the problem, then install kies latest version. you will get it.

Chandram said...

doesn't work for me tooooo
i have installed latest version and when i try to spoof samsung apps unable to install

Gladiator said...

Check for this error in applist
"[oapcrk] ·¢ÏÖKiesÕýÔÚ°²×°Ó¦ÓãºC:\Users\*username*\Documents\samsung\Kies\Download\Applications\
[oapcrk] Ìæ»»OAPÎļþʧ°Ü£º [32]The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

If you get this error. close the applist and start again. when starting second time don't install the file for which you got this error. install other file and after that install the file you were trying. This is the new spoofing method.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot !!!



Anonymous said...

ها وبعدين ياعم الحاج

Anonymous said...

still same error
app canot be installed
my kies version is latest..

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