Sunday, October 23, 2011

Free 125MB memory from Samsung Wave 525

Free 125MB memory from Samsung Wave 525
Finally after long time a solution to delete unnecessary files from our bada file system using Stune. (Download Here)
First activate TK – Explorer in your phone
  • dial *#7092463*#
  • select 3 device test
  • 6 common
  • 3 usb configuration
  • select tk file exproler off

Steps for accessing bada Database :
  1. connect your phone in kies mode and open Stune And navigate to browsing section.
  2. on right ,copy files with name "FactoryFSList_Current.dat", "FactoryFSList.dat".
  3. Now open "FactoryFSList_Current.dat" file with notepad (here you see the various paths of files).
  4. delete all those links of files which you did not want.(Do not delete the directory, delete only those paths which are related to your file).
  5. close the notpad by saving your settings.
  6. delete your original "FactoryFSList_Current.dat" file from stune(don't forget to take backup) and add the edit file in it.(by means of dragging the file over Stune).
  7. Repeat the step from 3-6 for "FactoryFSList.dat" file also.
  8. Now disconnect your phone from stune and pc.
  1. Now in phone in ideal mode open keypad and type the following code *#5239870*#
  2. Select Pre Configuration
  3. Enter Operator Code: *#27236*#
Part 3 Removing name from main menu
Well everything is good except one thing that name of the apps are not being removed after removing the apps .

Solution :
  1. Move all the missing icons or apps (you want to remove) at the end of the menu and then connect your phone to Stune.
  2. Browse to this file "RichUiMainMenuPageInfo.ini" in the registry.
  3. Copy this file to pc and open it with notepad or any other text editor.(Don't forget to take backup of this file)
  4. Delete the "AppMenuID(number)=Application name" text for the app you want. (ex. to delete social hub,delete "AppMenuID1=socialhub" text) and save it.
  5. Now replace your phone file with this one.
  6. Before restarting remove any memory card if present in your phone, else you won’t see any changes.
  7. All done just restart your phone and enjoy Smiley.
  8. After restarting you can insert your memory card in the phone.


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can u pla tell me d steps to reverse d above steps n restore my phone into original state....

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