Friday, December 30, 2011


TopTop is a feature rich pedometer, which will count your steps as you walk and run. It can also count average speed, distance walked and calories burned based on the physical data you enter.  You will be able to review the results of your workouts later using our Track Manager. If you decided to take a break, TopTop can automatically save your track after preconfigured inactivity period. Are your steps being counted incorrectly? Run the built-in automatic calibration tool. You also choose between Walk and Run modes, turn GPS on and off, and customize the display of measured data with just one touch of your finger.

To add some fun, you can compare the total distance walked to the distance between some major Ukrainian cities on the “Total” screen of the Track Manager.

This application uses built-in accelerometer sensor to track steps. When GPS data is available, TopTop will automatically adjust the distance you walked.

TopTop is available in English, Russian and Ukrainian, based on your regional settings.


Beat this Giant and enjoy its screams ...

Around seven  horrible screams.
High Definition Graphics

Tap on eyes, ears, forehead, mouth and chin to produce screams. Once you have fully  distort the Giant, a pop-up will appear after which you have to shake your device to heal Giant again


Watch television vodcasts from over 40 channels from many countries. Now available on your Samsung BADA phone!

Discounted for low res devices (240x 400) because some video's resolution is to high to play correctly on these devices. Not live TV but vodcasts from various sources.Shows can be shortened and not the full versions. Channels can vary: some will be removed, some will be added depending on availability en technical dependencies. WiFi mostly needed to keep up with the buffering speed. Some channels or individual videos may not be available in your region. Some channels or individual videos need RTSP enabled on your network (some service providers block RTSP)

One time payment only!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Over 219 awesome tattoos ... 
One step ahead from your imagination.
Choose as many as you like and try them at yours
High Definition graphics are being used
Sweep your finger from right to left or 
touch once to have next view 
Sweep your finger from left to right
to have previous view

BubbleBlast - wave 1.1

We all know the bubble shooter game. 
Bubble Blast is a modern version of this classic game 
it's of course especially optimized for your mobile! 
It has three difficulty levels, 
a special arcade mode 
and online highscore functionality
Have a blast with Bubble Blast!

My Explorer - WAVE 1.1


myExplorer is an advanced network (LAN) file manager, which allows you to access network shared folders on any computer from your smartphone. The program has the following major features:

  1. Wi-Fi file transfer from and to any computer. You can open images, movies, HTML files and text files and you can copy or move files of any kind between the phone and your PC. There is no need to use a cable, or to install any software on the computer and it may be running Windows (XP, Vista or Windows 7), Mac OS X or Linux. There is full authentication support (NTLM).
  2. Password-protected folder to keep private information. The files in the password protected folder are accessible only through myExplorer and only if you know the correct password. The contents of your private folder are not visible to any other program on the phone.
  3. Advanced text viewer. Allows viewing of any text file with various text encoding (Latin-1, Cyrillic, UTF-8 and UTF-16), custom font size, custom colors and advanced smart reflow technology that allows comfortable reading of large text files (including e-books) on your phone.
  4. View and extract files from Zip, Rar, 7z, Tar, Gzip and Bzip2 archives.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Funny Voice - WAVE 1.1

Make your voice funny :)
Record your voice from microphone and choose from presets: highpitch, lowpitch and new robot voice and than save your funny voice.

Perfect for funny ringtones.

New in this version:
-optimization and correction of pitch change algorithm
-auto fadeout recording
-advanced vocoder for robot voice
-recording limit increased to 30 seconds
-changed carrier and optimization of vocoder for robot voice
-minor bug fixes


Edit a text ? Compose a big letter? Or just look into a file?
Now this all is easy to do with "Mark" on your device!

Just check these features:
 - work with several files at once (multi-tab)
 - big files support (1 MB and more)
 - open/save to phone/memory-card
 - fullscreen mode
 - customizable background image
 - quick action on camera button
 - and more new stuff to come ...

What's new (v1.1.1):
 - read and save files in different encodings
 - file protection with password
 - search/replace tool
 - quick actions with file


PC APP            DOWNLOAD
Remote Desktop is a tool to control your PC computer from Bada phone.

Main features:
Ø  Mouse and Keyboard emulation (including Mouse Wheel)
Ø  IP based communication
Ø  Multitouch support (Mouse drag’n'drop, Ctrl+C, etc)
Ø  User-definable layouts (BRE format)

Before first use:
Ø  Install RemoteDesktopServer on the PC
Ø  Open the port TCP:8899 on the PC if any firewall is installed
Ø  Run RemoteDesktopServer on the PC (add to autostart to have it always run)

How to use:
Ø  Install and run RemoteDesktopServer on PC machine
Ø  If the WiFi is available: Make sure WiFi is running on the phone
Ø  If the WiFi is not available: Ensure the port 8899/TCP is available from the Internet (redirect the port in your LAN router if needed)
Ø  Run RemoteDesktop tool on Bada phone
Ø  Set correct IP of the server
Ø  Click Connect
Ø  Select layouts you want to use
Ø  Click Run
Ø  Press keyboard or mouse buttons to control your PC
General advice:
Ø  Click Camera button to switch the layout
Ø  Press Camera button long to back to the main screen

Remote Desktop controlling:
Ø  To move the screen: drag the finger over the screen or tap once:
Ø  To zoom in/out – use two-finger zooming or use side UP/DOWN buttons

Known bugs:
Administrator’s privilege request dialog is not displayed on the screen



Virtual wallet makes an universal tool for proper management of your incomes and expenditures. The great advantage of this program is the possibility to create and edit any number of categories and subcategories to suit your individual requirements.

This program includes a filtering system which allows you to find easily any transactions.

Prepares and shows graphic statistics for any given time period.

In one program you may create many virtual wallets e.g. personal, business, spouse, etc. with separate categories / subcategories.

Password protects your data for each wallet.

X REMOTE - wave 1.1

X-Remote is an ultimate remote control application in bada platform. It works on the Bluetooth Technology (Microsoft Bluetooth Stack).

The following applications can be controlled from distance...
1.       Numpad (31 keys)
2.       Mouse Pad (Left/Middle/Right MouseButtons, Drag lock with auto release and scrolling)
3.       Windows Media Center (WMC)
4.       Windows Media Player (WMP) (v11 and v12)
5.       Winamp (tested with v5.61)
6.       Zune
7.       PowerPoint
8.       Acrobat Reader
9.       Power DVD 10
10.    System Functions (Hibernate, Standby/Sleep, Lock, Log Off, Restart, Shutdown, Monitor On/Off, System Volume Up/Down)

1.       “X-Remote” only supports Microsoft Bluetooth Stack.
2.       This app is created for multiple versions of third-party applications, so some functions may not work with a particular version of a third-party application.
·         Download “X-Remote” PC App.
·         Install and Start the application in your PC.
·         Read full “Help” documents

1.       PC OS – Windows XP (service pack 2), Windows Vista or Windows 7
2.       Dot net framework 3.1 runtime (freely available over the internet)
3.       Bluetooth Device for PC.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

SMOVE - Wave 1.1

sMOVE combines the possibility of tracking sports activities with using waypoints, maps and a compass in one extensive, elegant, smart and user friendly app. sMOVE features live tracking via NAVTEQ® maps, has a live speed and a live altitude graph.
The data can be stored as GPX file, so that you can use the recorded data in third party software (e.g. Google Earth or SportTracks).
With its included Diary you can check former tracks on the map or check your results. sMOVE features also a GPS-Compass and Waypoint Mode for cross country or navigation to a certain destination. Moreover it calculates your BMI.
sMOVE              DOWNLOAD

Bada Recordoid - Wave 1.1

Recordoid turns your phone into social dictaphone.
Application interface simulates retro tape cassette recorder with all details and allows you to record voice notes in AMR or WAV format. Recording length is only limited by storage capacity.

You can easily add text note and GPS position to your recording and display the location on the map.

Additionally thanks to reverse geolocation engine, Recordoid is able to receive address data of the place where the recording was done (city name, street etc.). Moreover you can notify your friends about your new recording by sending message to social networks - Twitter or Facebook.

You can share your recording with friends via E-Mail or MMS and set it as a ringtone.

Recordoid offers advanced search options – recording names, notes and locations can be searched. Moreover search results can be narrowed down with date filtering.

Application offers a lot of extra features comparing to standard voice recorder.

User can add text notes, GPS location what can be useful for travelers. It can help them to document the travel. Recordoid can be useful for reporters – it is very easy to combine text note with recording, and build in support for social networks allows them to send quick information about new recording. User can choose recording quality – more advenced users may want to record music where high quality WAV format is needed.

simple mahajong - wave 1.1

Enjoy the simplified version of timeless mahjong! Select matching bricks to make them disappear and clean the whole board as fast as you can. Unleash your perception to solve each of 5 different boards.

Less complicated = more fun!

Game features:
- 5 different boards
- pausing when out of time
- shuffling the bricks when run out of ideas
- undoing changes


 iPaint is a painting application in bada platform.
Available features are
 1. Two different backgrounds (solid colour and image background)
 2. Drawing tools : Pencil, Line, Rectangle, Round, Text, Fill Colour, eraser
 3. Unlimited number of undo and redo (depends on available RAM)
 4. Save image as JPEG or PNG or BITMAP
 5. Send saved image files via Bluetooth or Email

iPaint           DOWNLOAD

IUREADER v 1.10.17 - Wave 1.1

The iuReader is program to read .txt or .fb2 files on phone which provides following features:
- FB2 e-book format support
- extraction form zip-archives
- unicode and UTF-8 character encodings are supported.
- 8-bit national encodings like Windows 1251 are supported
- two modes: "general" and "night" with separate color schemes
- Recent list for 9  last files
- Bookmarks
- Automatic hyphenation for cyrillic and latin code pages
- Font typeface selection, user's ttf file can be loaded from a memory card
- big files support (for txt files theoretical limit is 2 GB)
- autoscroll text feature with speed adjustment allows to read books without any touches
- touch screen support (see built-in help)
- custom touch screen zones
- hardware keys support: up/down keys to turn over the pages, the half-pressed focus button toggles autoscroll pause
- orientation lock

IUREADER v 1.10.17              DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Scooping Fish - Wave 1.1

Love to scoop fish in a festival? Now you can play all you can play! Full touch control gives you the fun you have never experienced before. You will become a master at scooping fish.

Various ways of catching. You will never get bored.  Besides fish, you got 15 types of prize: turtle, shrimp, frog, toy ship ...
Each got its own unique feel. You never know what you are going to get.

Still spending big on scooping regular goldfish? Let's play this all new game and see who is the scoop master.


Paper Soccer - Wave 1.1




Monday, December 19, 2011


This video demonstrates how to install apps in wave using both kies and applist.
The apps are to be in zip format.
Download the video by clicking on the link           VIDEO

Love Match Biorhythm - Wave 1.1


  LoveMatchBiorhythm   Download

Next Mine Sweeper - Wave 1.1

Next MineSweeper  Download

Intuitive game design
User-friendly interface
3 levels of difficulty
Highscore available for each skill level
English and German languages supported


Gun Smoke - Wave 1.1

Gun Smoke     Download    
Five guns with the smoke effect for the people who like guns in action. 
With the inclusion of shooting and reloading
Tap anywhere on screen to shoot the gun

Screen Checker - Wave 1.1

Screen Checker   Download
This tool to help you detect dead pixels!
It uses 6 colors to help you look at your screen.
Also this tool can proivde you to check the screen color depth and Multi-touch points.
This tool is used once per month recomemded.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


 Download         PART 1       PART 2 ____________________________________________________________________________
To join this two files you need to have hjsplit.exe
Open hjsplit.exe, click on join.
Browse for (remember and should be in same folder)
Click on start/begin button.

After completing it shows a small windows as completed/done.
Now go to the folder where the files and are present, you will find a new file You can use it in Ndrive 11 and 10 both. 
This file is working in both Ndrive 10 and 11.

The main reason for india maps not working is that- the map should be used in version 10 and that map should be used in version 11. If this is not followed you will never be able to unlock any country map.

For this you don't need to download Ndrive 10. You can directly use in Ndrive 11. Do not update ndrive after placing this map. All the steps are similar to previous steps, just use this map.

TIMEFRAME + PIZZA MAKER + WI-fi for wave 1.1

Time Frame WQ                 Download link


PIZZA MAKER            Download Link


Wi-Fi IP Address + Transfered data     Download link

Friday, December 16, 2011

Google launches Youtube for Schools

Join the Global Classroom

YouTube for Schools service by google to make educationally relevant videos available for use in school. YouTube for Schools to bring the power of video to your classrooms for free.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Clash of Mages

Clash of Mages is a new cool game for your Wave! Nice graphics, atmospheric music, simple rules and endless gameplay. Stand against AI opponents or try to defeat your friends, anyway you'll have a lot of fun!

Game features:
- Online Multiplayer
- Online Leaderboard
- Play online with friend
- Achievements
- Multiplayer on one phone
- Single player campaign
- Tutorial campaign
- Quick battles with 3 difficulty levels
- Advaced tactical AI
- Simple and easy to use magic system (no long manuals needed!)

Clash of Mages Game -  Download

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Import and Export Contacts in WAVE 1.1

Contacts Exim is application for EXPORT and IMPORT contacts in your addressbook.You can export all contacts as backup of addressbook or selected contacts only.

This application allows to export to three destinations:
- phone storage
- SD card
- email

Exported fields: firstname, lastname, display, nick, birthday, jobtitle, company, note, anniversary, ringtone, phones, emails, urls, addresses, IM addresses and groups.

Exported file has .txt extension and columns with semicolon separated.
This means that you can open your exported addressbook with any popular spreadsheet application or simple txt editor.

Email destination option allows you to backup your contacts without PC connection! It's very easy.

Download here   Download 

Monday, December 12, 2011


Remote control for VLC player for multiple platforms. Now you can control VLC directly from your WAVE.

Watch videos or listen music directly from your computer on your phone with integrated stream option. Navigate through folders and files in most efficient and fastest way. Relax on your sofa and just enjoy with ultimate remote media controller :)

-unlimited number of clients
-play/pause/stop/next/previous/seek media controls
-volume control
-playlist editor
-browse media files on your computer and play it
-favorites folders for fast access to files you like most
-streaming option
-help included

-VLC player
-WiFi local network

Download VLC REMOTE from    Download   ____________________________________________

Angry Bids Season GAme

Download links                Download

First download  Angry Birds Seasons 2.0 HD .exe 
Then make it full version by following the instructions available at  Read Before Install.txt
Then download and install AngryBirdsSeasonsInstaller_2.1.0.exe

Distortion Face, Hexagon Lab, Glorious Adventure

Distortion face                  Download
Glorious adventure of Billy Download
Hexagon Lab                    Download

TK Explorer for bada 1.1

 Open Keypad

Type *#7092463*#

Select 3

Press 6

Press 3

Press 1

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Now change the icon of installed apps as per your desire.

In samsung wave bada os, the theme does not change the icon for the installed apps which are installed from samsungapps store or spoofed apps. But it is possible now. Not with theme but manually.
  • Connect your phone in mass storage
  • Open your memory card drive
  • Open Others Folder
  • Open _@bada applications@_ Folder
  • Open the folder of the app for which you want to change the icon
In that folder Open RES Folder You will find images in PNG format.
Of all those images there is a PNG image in the shape of square (i.e., the size is similar to icon)
If still you can't find the icon image, note the image before connecting to system.
Now open RES Folder and change the image with that of your image.
Remember the image should be of PNG format and the name of the image should be similar to that of the icon image present RES folder.
The size does not matter, but it should be nearer to a square dimensions
After changing, disconnect phone and open phone MENU.
You will see the icon changed. It has no effect on APP performance.
For better look make the size of the image to 52x52 pixels or 52x48 or 52x46 etc, or 72X72 ..........
Size can be changed by using Microsoft Picture Manager

This worked in BADA OS 1.1. Not sure about 1.2 and 2.0

Ndrive 11 Files for INDIA MAP

Now download this crack for ndrive 11 india maps. This contains all the files

Download from here - Download

For steps go to the link -
It contains all the steps.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ndrive 11 with complete steps

Download Links 
NDrive 11 Spoofed APP >>
Ndrive 11 Crack and Map Links >>
(Crack folder updated with all files)

First Method- Ndrive from appstore of other countries
1. Open your internet browser(Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer,etc) and open
2. Select country like -> Iran, Saudi Arabia (Gulf countries especially), Spain/Espana
3. Click on browse samsungapps.
4. Select your phone model to wave 525
5. Now search for Ndrive Navi and click on get button (blue color button)
6. Window opens with dots running in the browser and kies start with the appstore to that country along with that app page
7. Now click on get button again in kies appstore. The system asks for login id. Clcik on Join Now button.
8. Make a new login id for that country and login into the account.
9. Sometimes it redirects to the Ndrive app page, sometimes it dont. If it does not redirect again follow the step 1,2,3,4.
10. After loging in and getting the app page in kies appstore, download the app. Near to 63MB.
11. After downloading connect your phone to kies.
12. Some countries will read our phone and some don't. For me Iran read my phone, where as Saudi Arabia read is not comaptible/ with some other error.
13. If it shows the error, then you need to install Ndrive 11 using applist method. 

Second Method - Ndrive using applist method
1. Download the Ndrive 11 spoof app(zip format)
2. Open Kies and select your default country and login in to that country.
3. Open applist and select the second tab and click on browse button which is in some other language.
4. A small pop-up window appears to browse the app. Select the downloaded file.
5. Now connect your phone with kies in samsung kies mode.
6. After connecting, in kies appstore and search for bIrc or Free Edit apps and download them.
7. Now go to my downloads page in kies appstore and Select any one of the two apps and install.
8. If the installation fails try the other. While installing check the applist, there you should find something written in other language, but not this -> Cannot install, app/file is already in use.
9. "Cannot install, app/file is already in use" then close applist disconnect phone and follow the steps 3,4,5,7
10. After this also if it fails there is definetly problem with phone/ or the app is corrupted.
11. If these two methods FIRST AND SECOND fails the you cannot install Ndrive in your phone.

If the App is installed-
Activating NDrive 11.

1. After installing Ndrive 11 dont start it yet. Connect your phone to your PC/Laptop in “mass Storage mode”.
2. Go to memory card and copy the  files mentioned below.
        navigation.chc     navigation.lic          navigation.oe
(The above files are present in Ndrive11 crack.)
3. Paste them

4. Now disconnect you phone from pc and Run Ndrive 11 once and download all the updates it prompts for.
5. After update, change your Ndrive applications language in to english. Change it by going in the below mention options.
Path : Menu>>My Ndrive(Second line first option)
                  >>Settings(FIrst line Second Option)
                  >>international(Second option)
                  >>Language(First option which is button)
6. After changing language to English Exit Ndrive 11 and again connect your phone in “mass storage mode” with your Pc/laptop.
7. copy these files (these files are present in Ndrive11 crack)
       ndri3.ndr        navigation.lic
8. Paste them into

9. Copy the map of your country and paste it here

10.Disconnect phone form PC. Start Ndrive 11 and select the your country Map by going to the below option in your Ndrive application. Path :
>>My Ndrive
>>my Maps
>>Check INDP map

11. You are done. Now you can enjoy using Ndrive.

1.    Open kies and in samsungapp, select the country as Spanish/España.
       After selecting create a new id for this country.
       Now in the category, select Navigation/Navegación
       In Navegación, see the free apps.
      There you will find the the APP - NDrive España WQ
      Click on the button - Descargar gratis (Get)
      After downloading the app, then again select the country to your default country.

These steps are to be done very fast
    Now connect your  wave mobile.
    As soon as you connect your mobile, immediately login with the id of your country.
    Then go to your download button, where you will find Ndrive. Do it very quickly.
    If you dont find Ndrive app, you should reconnect your phone and relogin and go to download page.
    Now click on install button. The app gets installed.
    Now install Ndrive11 using applist method stated above as "Second Method"
 After installing Ndrive11, connect your phone to system as mass storage and copy these files from H:Other -> _@bada application@_ ->\ a52ddl4e66 \ Data \
         navigation.chc    navigation.lic    navigation.oe
and from H:Others\__@@bada_applications@@__\a52ddl4e66 \Data\NDrive\data\
paste them in your computer.

Now paste the below three files
    navigation.chc    navigation.lic    navigation.oe
in to the folder   H:Other -> _@bada application@_ ->\ pbe461664n\ Data \

Now disconnect your phone and open Ndrive11 and start the download/ upload process if the application asks you to do. Again connect your phone to computer as mass storage and copy the files
    navigation.lic    ndri3.ndr

from your computer in to the path
H:Other -> _@bada application@_ ->\ pbe461664n\ Data \NDrive\data\

Copy the downloaded map to the directory
H:Other -> _@bada application@_ ->\ pbe461664n\ Data \NDrive\map\

Thats it should. If this do not unlock your map then there is no other way.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nokia Lumia Available for Pre Order in India

Pre-order Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia 710 at Nokia Priority Dealers

Nokia Lumia is arriving in India. The highly anticipated phone which was launched last month is ready for Pre-Order,booking amount ranging from Rs 2000 to Rs 5000.The Lumia 800 is available for demo on Nokia priority stores.Nokia Priority Dealers have started taking pre-orders for both Nokia Lumia 800 Priced at Rs 29,000 and 701 Priced at Rs 19,000.

Ndrive 11 for all countries

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ndrive 11 App Spoof Working

Ndrive 11 App for 525 -> Download
This app is 63 MB file.
Use the applist method to install it.
This app is tested by spoofing method.

The steps can be found from these links

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ndrive 11 INDIA Full

Download NDrive11 Crack -> Download
(Crack folder updated with all files)
Download Ndrive India Map ->  Download
Download Steps with screen shots -> Download
  • Open Kies and select your country as IRAN.
  • Now open browser and goto samsungapp store selecting country iran.
  • Search for Ndrive. See the ndrive 11 icon which do not have any price tag on it.
  • Open the link and click on get(written in iran language).
  • Now your kies will open the page with the Ndrive 11 for 525 and click on Get.
  • remember you need an id for this country app store.
  • After downloading, select your country in kies and connect your mobile and then login with that country id(default country login id)
  • As soon as you login go to mydownloads and click on install Ndrive 11.
  • If the icon doesn't show up. Again logout and login and see mydownloads.
  • You need to be quick for the above step.
If the problem still exists. Without disconnecting your mobile, change your country to iran and login with iran login id.Go to my downloads no need to be quick.Click on install. Your app Ndrive 11 will be installed.

After installing Ndrive 11 dont start it yet.Connect your phone to your PC/Laptop in “mass Storage mode”.Go to memory card and copy the  files mentioned below.

  1. navigation.chc
  2. navigation.lic
  3. navigation.oe
Copy the 3 files to the path mentioned below Path : 

Now disconnect you phone from pc and Run Ndrive 11 once and download all the updates it prompts for.Then You will have to change your Ndrive applications language in to english. Change it by going in the below mention options.
Path : Menu>>My Ndrive>>Settings>>international>>Language>>English

After doing this close Exit Ndrive 11 and again connect your phone in “mass storage mode” with your Pc/laptop.

Now copy this file -> ndri3.ndr
in the folder

Now agin copy this file -> navigation.lic
in the path mentioned below. Path :

Now Download the Indian map given below and copy it in the below mentioned path. 


Path : H:\Others\__@@bada_applications@@__\pbe461664n\Data\NDrivemaps\

Start Ndrive 11 and select the Indian Map by going to the below option in your Ndrive application. Path : Menu>>My Ndrive>>About>>my Maps>>Check Indp_Ta map.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ndrive 10 for Wave 1.1

     Download license file and map links from ->


A DropBox Client for Samsung Wave smartphones. Share your files between your pc and your mobile wherever you are. Only a DropBox account and an internet connection is required!

BADA BOX for DROPBOX   Download

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Smart Protect for samsung wave 1.1

Smart Protect can hide all your private files in its secured area and prevents the phone/PC/any multimedia device from viewing/opening your private files.

Features……Dual Protection (File Hiding + File Locking)
1.     Phone Level Protection (PLP) – File Hiding
2.    Worldwide Protection (WwP) – File Hiding + File Locking (Files are locked using system generated random Password)
..User Password is Encrypted and stored in a secured area
..In bada 1.1 - Protect any type of DEVICE SUPPORTED files (system / opened / read only files are not supported). Device supported files are the files that can be opened/viewed/played in device using factory installed applications. For example, all the audio/ image/ video/word/excel etc. that can be opened in the device.

..Play/view image/audio/video files directly from the secured area (only in PLP). In WwP, files cannot be opened.

..Send files via Bluetooth (in PLP and WwP) or email (Only in PLP)
..Fast and animated UI.

Notes: if you uninstall the application, the protected files will be removed.

Smart Protect                    Download