Friday, October 23, 2009

please insert a disk in the drive error in pen drive

After attaching transcend pen drive,if you are unable to format it or if this error is coming "please insert a disk in the drive".
Computer is detecting pen drive but you are not able to access it or format it.

Then here is a solution

Option 1: {Transcend storage devices}
You can repair your transcend pen drive online using this software

Just install software and open it,select from options 512 MB,1GB,2GB..
and repair it online...

Option 2:
r Try this
>Right Click "My Computer"

>Click "Manage"

>Click "Storage"

>Click "Disk Management"

>Click "Removable Drive"

>and Create New Parttion....


elpi said...

Great information, i never encountered a problem of pen drive error but thanks for the solution.

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